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The Full Story


We are an independent Café in the heart of Clifton. Coffee and Cakes are our passion!

We started our company a few years ago, offering to our customers bespoke cakes. Something that no one else offers. We love our cakes and every cake is special in its own way, which you can see in the details on our cakes and desserts. We believe that we can create anything in cake that you can imagine in your mind...

On 16 May 2022 we opened our first Café. It would make our day if you could stop by and taste our coffee and cakes and enjoy the space, because we are not an ordinary café. 

Our freshly-ground, perfectly crafted coffee has a medium-taste profile and uniquely satisfying flavour.

Good quality products make us very happy, because they allow us to create delicious cakes and desserts  (Did I say how passionate we are...). We proudly provide bespoke, and custom-made cakes made to your preference, and delicious coffee of course. 

7 Cakes Café commits to delivering honest, great-tasting, beautiful cakes, deserts and coffee. We also specialise in fully-edible sugar-decorations, and our attention to detail won't let you down. 

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To create and build community, nourish and nurture the human spirit through one cup, one person and one neighbourhood at a time.


Delivering the best experience and create unique flavours in a relaxing atmosphere to serve in our welcoming space for coffee enthusiasts to escape the bustle of your day. 

We are a different Café with purpose - to bring people together and build community. 

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